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Cinderella T-shirts

Cinderella is a hard rock band most known during the 1980s. They were formed in Philadelphia in 1982 by vocalist Tom Keifer and bassist Eric Brittingham. The initial lineup of Cinderella featured Tony Destra on drums and Michael Schermick on guitar. In 1985 Schermick and Destra left Cinderella to join Britny Fox. They were replaced by guitarist Jeff LaBar and drummer Jim Drnec. It was this lineup that recorded their first album, Night Songs. Shortly after the recording, Drnec was replaced by (former London drummer) Fred Coury, who joined in time to be included as the drummer of record in the album’s liner notes. The album, released in August 1986 went on to become triple Platinum, selling 50,000 copies per week at one point. If you like Cinderella then you should also check out our Poison T-Shirts.